What is worth?
Everyone’s got their own ideas
Of what it is and who gets it
Some say it is all in your looks
Others say the balance in your checkbook
People say it’s in what you can do
But as for me I’m through

I’m tired of chasing what can’t be caught
Everything I’ve done was all for naught
I’m not gonna do this anymore I’m picking myself off the floor
Just you wait, just you wait

I’m gonna show you worth and it’s not gonna come from you.


You asked for my forgiveness, a fresh start.
Which I all too freely gave.
Wrongs forgotten and relationship restored.
But love is often a one way street.
And once your guilt was cleansed you walked the wrong way down that street.
The worst kind of unrequited love;
Love that is asked for, then denied once given.
Not only a knife in the back, but the heart.
But I cannot be angry for I’ve truly forgiven.
I’d start anew if only you would allow.
But your heart is mapped with too many scars.
How could you let anyone near those hardened yet tender wounds?
How could you allow anyone so close?
Could anyone love that broken mess called you?
I do.
Always have.
I never withdrew my love.
I still feel your pain.
I still rejoice with you.
I keep distance because you demand it.
So if you find yourself alone
Remember who walked away.
Because I never left.